Thursday, December 18, 2008

Am I an Armenian?

I've been dialogueing with the Classical Armeian lately. He suggested that I visit the blog of the Society of Evangelical Armenians. Since I am an Apostolic, there may be a problem with the "Evangelical" part. Arminians, especially Wesley, have borrowed from the Orthodox. So today, I'm taking a break to take the Survey: "Are You an Arminian and Don't Even Know It?". Here are my results:

1. Do you believe that Jesus died for every human being? Yes

2. Do you believe that a person can resist the convicting power of God’s grace? Yes

3. Do you believe that humans are so depraved that they can do nothing to earn salvation and that they cannot choose to believe in Jesus without the intervention of God’s grace?

To me, this is an irrelevant hypothetical question because God’s Grace is Universal

4. Do you believe in election?

If you mean that Faith self-elects, Yes.

5. Do you believe in predestination? #¥ØƏΏЩצ*!!! NO!!!

6. Do you believe in eternal security? No

7. Do you believe in the penal satisfaction view of the atonement? Yes

8. Do you believe that God exhaustively knows the future? Yes

9. Do you believe in the sovereignty of God?

Yes, but God isn't required to exercise it. He can allow choice.

10. Do you believe that you are born again when you put your faith in Jesus?

The correct term is “Begat from above”. Otherwise, Yes.

The Results are in, I am . . .
An Orthodox!!!!


Billy Birch said...

Your "result" was hilarious. Everyone expects you to admit to being Arminian (not to be confused with Armenian ~ those from the country Armenia).

Like I said, we have a couple of guys with EO persuasion (see = Ancient Christian Defender. You could talk with those three guys and ask some questions about SEA.

And SEA is not just a blog but an organization, a society of like-minded folks who enjoy refuting Calvinism, passionately working toward stopping the spread of such a cancerous theology.


Constantino della Brazos said...

OK, I'm in, contingent upon some discussion as to our compatiblity. Since you have shown some interest in brokering the deal, be it known that your services are accepted. Since SEA may have an interest in showing that Anti-Calvinism is not just an Arminian thing, we may have some possibilities. Are Catholics also welcome?

Billy Birch said...

To my knowledge, Catholics ARE welcome. Anyone can join as long as they agree with the mission statement. The more the merrier.